PecubeGUI - News & Updates 

PecubeGUI is under development but you can have a short overview below!  


PecubeGUI:  an introduction 

 PecubeGUI is a python-based program that uses PyQt5 to build the GUI. It is an open-source software distributed under the GNU license (soon released!)

 The graphical user interface (GUI) aims to help any Pecube‚Äôs user to set up their models with a user-friendly interface to provide the relevant input parameters. It also enables the users to directly plot the results within the interface, manipulate the characteristics of the plots, and export images. Finally, the PecubeGUI facilitates the coupling between Pecube and the glacial landscape evolution model iSOSIA (Egholm et al., 2011), by enabling the user to load iSOSIA output files, that can be read and used by Pecube. However, output files from other surface processes models can also be loaded.

 PecubeGUI comes with a new version of Pecube that enables to predict (U-Th)/He ages on apatite for specific locations. It also includes some radiation damage models, alpha ejection distances, the possibility to set the characteristics of each grain (i.e., grain size, uranium and thorium concentration), and to predict 4He/3He profiles.